Afghans Demand That U.S. Admit Military Errors

Afghans Demand That U.S. Admit Military Errors

Afghans Demand That U.S. Admit Military Errors
KABUL, Afghanistan — Months of fraught negotiations and public posturing over how a long-term American military force could remain in Afghanistan have suddenly come down to a demand for a single personal gesture: a display of contrition by …

Keep those ‘thank you’s to military personnel coming
I submit that our military is a much more capable force because of the … who Ms. Conway said wish to express their gratitude have never themselves worn the uniform. I want to emphatically encourage Mindy Conway and her husband to keep doing …

As Arctic ice melts, U.S. military adapting strategy, forces
Ice on the Arctic Ocean shrank last year to its lowest levels since satellite observations began in the 1970s, and many experts expect it will vanish in summers by mid-century due to climate change. As the sea ice thaws, ships are increasingly …

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